Rubber sheet CR 26034

Product groupRubber sheets 
Product applicationGeneral use outdoors 
Rubber qualityCR/SBR 
Hardness (°Shore A)65°±5° 
Density (g/cm3)1,5 
Working temperature (°C)-30 - +70 
Tensile strength (MPa)
Elongation at break (%)200% min. 
Compression set (h/°C )45% max. 22h/70°C 
Aging Tensile strength (h/°C/%)±35% 70h/100°C 
Aging Elongation at break (h/°C/%)-55% 70h/100°C 
Aging Hardness (°ShA)±15° 70h/100°C 
Ozone resistanceResistant 
Weather resistanceResistant 
Oil resistanceModerately resistant 
Chemical resistanceResistant 
Wear resistanceResistant 
Roll sizes1400 x 5000/10000 mm 
Thickness (mm) without ply0,5-30 mm 
Thickness (mm) with ply1,5-10 mm 
Rubber sheet CR 26034
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